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Journal Publications / Preprints

Other Technical Writing / Theses

  • A.S. Banerjee (2013): Density Functional Methods for Objective Structures: Theory and Simulation Schemes;   Ph.D. Thesis; University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA. [.pdf]

  • A.S. Banerjee (2011): Harmonic analysis on isometry groups of Objective Structures and its applications to Objective Density Functional Theory; M.S. Thesis; University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA. 

  • A.S. Banerjee (2010): Introductory notes on Center Manifold Theory.                                                            (Developed as part of a class on Elastic Stability.)

  • A.S. Banerjee (2007): Numerical simulation studies on cavity flows;  Undergraduate Thesis; Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India .  

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